Stretch film, Stretch or stretch wrap is a transparent packaging material or plastic product used to wrap various materials in order to eliminate their interaction with air.

Thanks to its elastic feature, it holds the items tightly wrapped. Conversely, when heat is applied, it shrinks and relaxes.

Just one of the steps we take to offer greener products using renewable resources.

Applied manually or with a dispenser, it ensures that your packaged products stand firmly and safely during transportation and storage stages.

It meets all your packaging needs to protect your products from dust and harmful rays of the sun.

Width min.10 cm – max. It is 150 cm. It is also produced as jumbo bobbins.

Where is it used?

Construction Chemicals


Raw material




According to your products, we can produce plastic packaging in the desired length, size and thickness. Again, according to your request, we can print your logo and information on this packaging.


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  • Polyethylene Film
  • Pallet Cover
  • Roll Athlete Bag

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